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Overall, 4Health food cliniqueosteopathiegatineau.com balances its use of animal sources for proteins and fats, in addition to plant-sources of protein too. This product does use tomato pomace in its dog food, which some owners see as merely an inexpensive filler. Probiotics and antioxidants are added to 4Health dog food to enhance the digestibility of their products, absorption of included chelated minerals, and to support a dog’s immune system. Much of the protein found in this food is of plant origin, so if you are looking for food with less plant and more animal sources of protein, this product may not be enough.

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  • 4Health Grain Free Dog Food is a budget-friendly option for dogs that may need limited ingredients, especially to grain ingredients like wheat, corn, and soy.
  • If your large breed dog is very active, she will need a food with a higher protein and fat content.
  • Peas are also found in most 4health Dog Food recipes, and it’s no secret why.
  • The flavor is enhanced by the richness of chicken liver and tasty chicken broth.

It’s a high-quality dog food that uses real meat as the first ingredient, with no fillers or by-products to cut costs. Additionally, 4Health Grain Free Large Breed Formula is not made with any grain ingredients like corn, soy, or wheat, making it an allergen-friendly dog food option. This brand is also very budget-friendly for a limited diet dog food, especially compared to popular name brands like Purina and Taste of the Wild. The only issue we found is that it contains two different sources of protein , which is not recommended for dogs prone to food-based allergens. Otherwise, 4Health Grain Free Large Breed Formula Adult Dog Food is an excellent option for your grain-free buddy. 4Health Puppy Dog Food is a chicken and potato formula made for puppies and nursing dogs from the 4Health line of pet products.

The chicken meal is reduced in size while the meat meal is the dried product that contains high amounts of amino acid. The retail store called Tractor Supply Company has produced this new product in 2010 and since then has become the leading product for improving the health of the dog. The feeding guide also provides you the needed information where you can see how much to give to the dog and how many times per day. Remember, there isn’t a single dog food in the world that could possibly be well-suited to all lifestyles or health conditions. And, your dog has different needs during different life-stages, so you should choose his food wisely. The only major drawback of 4Health dog food is that if you opt for a grain-free formula, your dog may be more likely to develop heart problems.

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Overall, 4Health Performance offers a wholesome meal for your four-legged friend. What really makes the difference here are premium ingredients. They are also specially formulated for meeting your dog’s nutritional needs. And, with real meat as the first ingredient, he or she gets both great taste and plenty of protein.

The Four Formula Types That 4health Develops For Dogs Are As Follows:

4Health dog food is likewise formulated for dogs with specific health issues. Grain-free formulas may be linked to heart disease in dogs. The FDA listed this brand’s grain-free dog food as a possible cause of heart disease in dogs, along with several other brands.

Potatoes are also found in many other dog food brands, so it’s not a rare type of ingredient. As far as results are concerned, 4health’s products have received many positive reviews from dog owners. Many reviews state that their dogs are doing well on 4health dog foods after trying other brands. The inclusion of species specific probiotics seem to be helping the gastrointestinal health of a lot of pups. 4health Special Care Sensitive Stomach Formula for Adult Dogs is a grain free wet dog food made specifically for adult dogs with sensitive stomachs. It is made of easily digestible proteins from chicken, fish, turkey, and salmon.

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The ingredient list starts with chicken, a species-appropriate ingredient loaded with protein and other nutrients. This dehydrated form of chicken has water and fat removed and is a concentrated source of protein. While some suggest that rendering reduces digestibility, experiments show that chicken meal is just as digestible as fresh chicken—if not more. Turkey meal and a small amount of ocean fish meal are included later on the ingredient list as additional sources of animal protein.

And lastly, this recipe contains sodium selenite, a controversial form of the mineral selenium. Sodium selenite appears to be nutritionally inferior to the more natural source of selenium found in selenium yeast. The third ingredient is chicken liver, an organ meat sourced from a named animal and thus considered a beneficial component.