A great. features way too many gays and you may Letter

A great. features way too many gays and you may Letter

Nigger from the Woodpile – Utilized whenever anything crappy keeps happened, and you will a beneficial nigger was the brand new perpetrator. “My spotted is finished. Come across is not here an excellent nigger regarding the woodpile.” Otherwise, if someone features an effective nigger in their relatives tree, he’s a good nigger from the woodpile. And put when anything was suspicious otherwise wrong, similar to the label, “there’s something bad in the Denmark”.

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Operating Nigger – The opposite off “drive shotgun”. Riding shotgun try seated right in front seat of one’s vehicles. Riding nigger is sitting regarding back-seat by yourself.

Niggershit – Things not very good who normally end up being belonging to an effective nigger. “A guy made an effort to promote myself a fake Rolex, but We advised him I did not wanted you to niggershit”.

Niggercide – An effective contraction regarding “nigger murder”. Niggercide, Helps, and ebola, had been the favorable Light Vow. Niggercide is the best cause for dying among Americoons. It occurs when Typical Nigger Choices are at the level, and niggers have fun with weapons, blades, or poisoned split to put “dey soul bruthaz” on the AFN’s https://datingmentor.org/escort/stockton/ Dead Nigger Photo Profiles. Regrettably, niggers exactly who commit niggercide constantly get trapped within ten minutes owed to their absurdity; before they may be able to visit then serves of patriotism!

Nigger Really works – Work one anybody can perform, that takes zero cleverness, that’s usually unpleasant

Nigger Audio – The type of “crap tunes” seen with the MTV otherwise similar software offering gutter monkeys wearing large ape dresses, jumping and you will hollering whenever you are holding its condition infested dicks.

Niggerhead- A huge material, always round, discover during the excavation. The word was popular regarding the northern tier of Usa about framework world. ‘Niggerheads’ are principally granite or feldspar when you look at the matrix from alluvial (glacial) right until.

Niggersubtraction – 1) That faster nigger due to an offing (constantly by the push-by) as a result of a ‘diss’. 2) Nigger Math, like Ebonics. “Easily got fiddy penny, an my ho’ took foty cent, exactly how much I b had kept?”.

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