Is Tinder down? ute in the past: Tinder is actually a location-based personal search cellular application tha

Is Tinder down? ute in the past: Tinder is actually a location-based personal search cellular application tha

Last up-to-date a moment back: Tinder was a location-based social look mobile software that encourages communications between mutually curious users, enabling matched up consumers to have a chat. The software was most frequently used as a dating app.

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all I’m claiming is sign in on tinder glance at the 27 to 37 age-group alcohol junkie women w 2 different child daddies and a job handling highest schoolers and crackheads at a jack-in-the-box this is certainly for you 1 girl “men” really love runs out, your lifetime will conclude, don’t spend they in one single ***

cosmo ‘acab’ bones (@cosmob0nes) reported 9 hrs ago

How come men on tinder maintain telling me I ‘look like hassle’

Ulysses junk e-mail (@peedintheshower) reported 9 hrs ago

Tinder ladies want anyone to feel mean in their mind. Issue is, I’m a fairly wonderful guy,

quentin (@quentinhoooo) reported 12 hrs ago

My personal tinder has been broken for weeks I’m sobbing

emily (@manuelHighlife) reported 14 time before

@ShouldBeRichard @Tinder Binaryunlock on Instagram will allow you to fix your account

(???`) (@narrownostrils) reported 14 several hours ago

not on tinder interested in hook ups but im on tinder looking for anyone to fix my personal garbage convenience

“allie” 2.0 (@lactaidlover888) reported 15 hrs ago

i think it may be the best thing that i’m blocked from tinder bc the final times i caved in and redownloaded a random dude superliked me personally I quickly proceeded the thing I think at the time was the most effective time of my life following I acquired my heart broken over and over repeatedly for a-year

Chris (@BodakBoca) reported 15 hours ago

@JohnnyNeff Gay men. All you do is crash cars and swipe kept on Tinder.

unfortunate bih (@brutalfvck) reported 16 hrs in the past

spoken to sum guy on tinder for two hours and i’m sure i’m crazy. starting to thought i’m the difficulty ??

vinny (@pabstbluemeg) reported 17 days before

do tinder discover they’ve got the worst software build ever before or manage they just pretend think its great doesn’t crash every 4 minutes

@DOMOCAPITAL No, but because Tinder does not bring liquidity dilemmas.

Wade (@SassyRedpants) reported 17 several hours before

I’m going to generate a tinder During my profile It will have “I ACTUALLY DO N’T HAVE ANY STAR CONFLICTS LEGO MODELS” “I DISLIKE MAPLE SYRUP” “YOU WILL FIND NEVER DIED IN AN ARTIFICIAL vehicle CRASH” Should you get exactly why I said this know i enjoy you

Crewshul? (@Crewshul) reported 18 many hours ago

we used on fancy 20 opportunities smashed as well as the girl whos removed this lady tinder 100 instances i very like anytime she comes home was operating lol

G?? (@kinkylittlepea1) reported 18 hours ago

Concern for Online SWers: manage creators normally have an agreement for operating w low professional collaborators? instance tinder dates that “want to help make content” If yes what do you generally apply they? I do want to generate one and so I can make money from my personal naughty article vaccine state

cowboy little (@arloschneider) reported 18 hours ago

kollin with a k is actually a kid i matched up with on tinder freshman 12 months who i generated check out oh hello with me in my dorm area for fifteen minutes before realizing he appeared just like the boy I would simply split up with the we produced my roommate query your to go away but he left their sweatshirt

chichikk (@ChichikkWow) reported 19 many hours ago

I can’t perform tinder anymore I simply want to see someone while working inside my yard shop task whom falls crazy about me like i’m in a florist AU on Ao3

?conn? (@connkavanaghxo) reported 19 hours ago

the amount of days i’ve lied to people on tinder saying I found myself focusing on school assignments whenever i’m actually lying-in bed ingesting my personal lbs in foods

Anaid??? (@cheekennoogets) reported 21 time ago

My personal ex unrivaled with me on tinder now. ways he’s eventually moving forward, he’s eventually dating once more. He should not will be pleased when he kept me very broken.

toradora the explorer (@baileyzindel) reported 21 time ago

I wish to make a tinder visibility merely so i can ready my biography as “aromantic but perhaps you can fix me”

Miguel17_SexyMF (@Miguel17_IDGAF) reported 23 days ago

There can be a problem on Tinder any time you added your bio “I got a Big ****” it’ll complement your with a lot of babes. Like legit they should fix that ??

WazzaTheWasp?? (@WarrenHobbs88) reported 23 hrs before

@J4CKMULL I note that tinder superior is functioning

pitboy (@MRD4LE) reported 23 hrs before

The catboy picture of pitbull has not yet generated my personal tinder get more fits I believe this thing is actually busted

KAS?Y (@bitpixi) reported 23 days ago

Whenever Duncan was actually functioning and mightn’t find a programming answer on StackOverflow, however need my Tinder, right-swipe on all of the engineers to ask they and would get the answer quicker than however asking his family. This is one way you employ a woman’s reply-guys online.

an (@an57617937) reported past


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