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Most train riders seem to want to immediately head into the Summit House on their arrival. Don’t worry, there are plenty of donuts and merchandise items for everyone. So, take a leisurely stroll on the top of Pikes Peak and take in the views instead. The second most popular way to see the top of Pikes Peak is by traveling on the Pikes Peak Cog Railway. The last time this author traveled up the mountain using this method of transportation, I found it to be a great experience. Be sure to reserve your space online in advance, and arrive at the railway station at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure.

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Carriage rides to the summit for those who did not want to hike or ride horseback. The current highway closely follows the route of this earlier road. Pikes Peak was also a symbol for emigrants coming west during the Colorado Gold Rush of 1858–59.

  • This decision was made in an effort to keep restaurants afloat, while also ensuring customer satisfaction from the event.
  • The plants of Alpine Tundra are extremely fragile – so much so that it takes 75 years to grow only half an inch.
  • This section is 6 ½ miles long with over 3,500 feet of elevation gain.

Pikes Peak, a National Historic Landmark, was named after the explorer Zebulon Pike, even though he didn’t make the top of the mountain when he hiked it. When the new, 38,000-square-foot Pikes Peak Summit Complex opens , it will do so with a brand new, eco-friendly doughnut machine. Though the doughnuts are getting a machinery upgrade, the new equipment shouldn’t affect their flavor or texture.

The air will be thinner, the sun will be bright, and the terrain will be rocky and rough. Visiting the Rocky Mountains should be on every outdoor enthusiast’s bucket list. And there’s no better way to experience them than by hiking Pikes Peak.

And The Visitor Center Is, Too

While quick and easy to prepare, Bruce’s® Yams Salted Cashew Sweet Potato Fudge is a nutty,… This is a very good potato dish , I stem baby red potatoes and smother them in real butter and parsley flakes. I had to make this cake this past Sunday for my Mary Kay party.. There are three different ways to make the journey to the top of Pikes Peak mountain. The first and most popular way, is by driving your car or truck up the Pikes Peak Highway.

Ways To Reach The Summit

The Pikes Peak Cog Railway operates daily in the summer months, with departures every 40 minutes. The round trip is about three hours , so arriving 30 minutes ahead of time means it’s about a four-hour experience. At the top, experience the new interpretive exhibit space to learn more about this gorgeous mountain’s history, geology, wildlife and beyond. If you begin to feel light-headed or dizzy, you may be feeling the effects of high altitude and should immediately go to a lower altitude.

The first phase of foundation footers, including 43 cubic yards of concrete, has been placed in preparation for precast concrete to be laid in June 2019. After you’ve finished your mountain excursion, there’s plenty of exciting things to do around the Colorado Springs area. We compiled a list of family-friendly activities in Colorado Springs that we highly recommend checking out before your visit. Or, if relaxing at a brewery is more your speed, we have some great recommendations on some of the best breweries in downtown. At the top of the bird food chain flies the raptors – and the selection on Pikes Peak includes quite a few. Golden eagles, Red-tailed hawks and Falcons often frequent the mountain where the widespread updrafts provide effortless transportation opportunities.

On the way up, we’ll stop at several places of interest for pictures and soak in the views. We also stop at Glen Cove for pictures and bathroom breaks. Restrooms are available at the Summit House as well.

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But even if you don’t reach the top, the views are plentiful along the way, no matter the trail. With the reopening of the historic Pikes Peak Cog Railway on May 20, visitors can ride the train, drive, hike or bike to the summit. Yes, as daunting as it seems, hiking 13.5 miles (one-way), with an elevation gain of about 7,500 feet is an option!

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The doughnut recipe that’s still being used today was first developed in 1916, according to Jacob Leithner, chef manager/food and beverage director at Aramark Pikes Peak. The new doughnut machine is just one piece of a much larger puzzle to make the new summit complex one of the most eco-friendly buildings in Colorado — and beyond. If you were concerned about the new Visitor Center’s donut manufacturing capabilities getting lost in the transition, worry no longer! The hot, fresh and fried treats that have been a highlight of visits for generations are still available. The 1,500-pound machine that cranks out the world-famous rings of deliciousness was installed before the building was even finished due to its epic proportions.