Top 12 Spanish Foods You Must Try In Spain

They are best enjoyed during the winter or summer, as the doughnuts are served piping hot from a street cart, straight from the fryer. Churros are fried, sugary doughnuts that are most commonly served in Spain. The best way to enjoy these treats is from a street cart, where you can see them being made. I love running, cooking, and curling up with a good book!

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  • Most Spaniards still enjoy a break and large meal, but life in Spain is changing.
  • Ah, you might like to know, paella in the Valencian language means pan.Spanish paella is traditionally flavored with Spanish saffron and rosemary.
  • Spanish pork sausage is a kind of food that blends well with almost everything.
  • This is the main meal of the day, so keep your eyes out for the menú del día or set menu.
  • For many travelers to Spain especially Americans, eating anchovies isn’t common.

Salmorejo is a version of gazpacho originally coming from the town of Cordoba in Andalusia. It is made of pureed tomatoes, bread, garlic, and vinegar. This is one of the most common dishes from Spain that you’ll find on every tapas menu, and each region has their own spin on it.

Spain’s Top 10 Traditional Dishes You Need To Try

To be more precise, this fresh or cured Spanish sausage is made of chopped pork marinated in pimentón , herbs, spices, and white wine. Now Albodigas is one of the most popular Spanish dishes that’s basically made of meatballs. The Tortilla de Patatas or Spanish omelet is definitely one of the best food to eat in Spain! If you’re looking for some of the most famous Spanish side dishes, or Spanish egg dish, you will always find the Tortilla de Patatas on the list. To make the perfect Tortilla de Patatas you must use great quality ingredients and the best fitting saucepan. Paella is one of the most popular food in Spain and it’s definitely our favorite lunch option when it comes to Spanish dishes!

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Seafood paella in SpainPaella is considered to be a national dish of Spain. If someone asks you to name the top 3 Spanish dishes, your first thought most likely will be Spanish paella. This is a big part of traditional food in Spain, even how it’s prepared in families. Men typically prepare it over a fire while the women prep the rest of the food.

Spanish Dishes You Should Try From Churros To Jamón

The sandwich can be prepared with a Spanish-style baguette or amollete. Salmorejo originated in the southern city of Córdoba, but you can sample authentic salmorejo throughout Andalusia. Modern versions sub out the tomatoes for beets, or even add strawberries. A legendary dish spoken of in almost hushed tones by Spaniards, migas is a good example of how much of Spain’s cuisine has evolved from peasant food.

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If you like codfish and want to try one of the most famous Spanish dishes in Spain, tryBacalao de Pamplona inPamplona. If you are traveling to Spain in the season of snail tapas and want to try one of the unique dishes from Spain, make sure to check out this exceptional Spanish tapa dish. If you seek to taste something beyond classic Spanish dishes and somewhat bizarre but delicious, you should try Spanish caracoles . Spanish breadstick © World Travel ConnectorBreadsticks called picos are popular Spanish snacks that come with soups and salads in Spain.

What To Eat & Drink In Spain

Our family fell in love with Spain while living there and started La Tienda in 1996 as a way to share our passion with those back home. We love the pure, honest flavors of the foods that our artisans produce for us, and that these foods are a way that each family shares their culinary heritage with us. We hope you’ll enjoy gathering around your own table to share these special foods with family & friends. Spanish food history may be among the most varied and interesting in the world. Even today, Spanish cuisine is still evolving and continues to be one of the forerunners in the promotion of the healthy Mediterranean diet. The contrast between the sweet potatoes, pungent garlic, and earthy spices makes this simple dish full of flavor.