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To avoid injury to yourself or damage to the equipment take care when lifting, moving or carrying the unit. Use the power cord with the mains plug appropriate for your local mains supply as provided with the equipment. If the provided plug does not fit into your outlet consult your service agent. Route the power cord so that it is not likely to be walked on, stretched or pinched by items placed upon or against. I’ve had issues however that took a half-star off.

l articulation worksheets

  • I have a 2i2 kicking around, and it’s always been sweet for the NT1, with not much noise being picked up.
  • That said, experimenting with a few different tubes is essential to fully appreciating the sound quality and potential of this unit.
  • Which sounds good when I say it, but I would like something a little rounder.
  • Variable Input Impedance – an important feature that is very hard find in any price range, let alone at this pricepoint.
  • After connecting your Channel Strip to the interface, set that interface’s input to LINE.
  • Recording an acoustic guitar with Mid Side Matrix – another huge bonus.

It tripped me off the first time because I had it disengaged and was getting minimal signal level coming into my interface. So, to most users, just leave it pressed. Separate balanced analog outputs and multiple digital I/O all offer individual level controls allowing simultaneous use.

Great Extra Unit To Have

Use the previous and next buttons to navigate. Reviewers gave this product an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Selectable mid/side mic support makes it easy to capture pianos, acoustic guitar, drum overheads, strings, and more. Just hit the Mid/Side Matrix switch when you’re miking in a middle/side configuration. Buying a new instrument is an exciting event and we want to ensure that every instrument we sell comes exactly how the manufacturer intended it to be. That is why Long & McQuade performs a quality control check for every stringed, brass, and woodwind instrument over $99 ordered online at

Perfect Tube Preamp For Pro’s And Starters

By using an opto-electronic design, the Pro-VLA II allows more compression to be added to an audio source with a more natural, musical sounding output and virtually transparent dynamic leveling. This VCA-less design coupled with a 12AT7 vacuum tube in the gain stage makes the Pro-VLA II the ideal dynamic control device for critical studio and live sound applications. Even the raw AIF stem was distorting so it wasn’t anything to do with FX. Would a separate mic pre deal with this?


I put in the same mesa boogie REFERENCE 12AX7 and has nothing to do. The sound is really warm and round sound more force when some of the lamps. We must consider the possible DIFFERENT rglages playing with the gain of input and output.

Not sure why anyone would even consider this. My chain is a Telefunken AK47 and LA610 so I’m not going to connect this to an interface without preamp bypass. I recently brought an ART pre amp which in trying to hook up with Tascam 144 sound card an a behringer mixer. I followed the steps running the mic cable to the input of the preamp and the output to the sound card now I’m lost on hooking up the mixer .

Universal Audio Apollo X6 Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface

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Housed in a standard 2U rackmountable steel chassis, the durable mic pre features easy-to-read white screen-printed text against a CNC-routed black anodized aluminum face panel. Well, I purchased mine with the A/D and found right away they skimped on the tubes. I changed them out with some Tung-Sols to actually give me some consistancy in performance. My output would vary not only in level, but tone as well until I switched.