Viole is additionally revealed holding Miseng on their shoulders while they rode out certainly one of their try

Viole is additionally revealed holding Miseng on their shoulders while they rode out certainly one of their try

Yeo Miseng: In the beginning Miseng dreadful Viole however, is actually always polite so you can your, even giving your particular sweets after he previously endangered so you’re able to “drop” the woman and you may Goseng in the previous shot. [18] Immediately after passage the new twentieth Flooring Attempt, Miseng and you will Viole come more comfortable along. Later, when Miseng emerged ranging from Viole and you may Mazino’s attacks, Viole risked his existence to safeguard her and you can nearly died into the the method. The night Horyang remaining the team Viole comforted Miseng when she been worrying all about him.

Yeo Goseng: While originally terrified out-of Viole for their connection with FUG, she seems more comfortable with him. Prior to they designed a team, she didn’t imagine he had been a good murderous monster. When Viole delivered over his FUG lovers to their home, she try shaking much she wound up reducing herself. Later, throughout their sample Zygaena came up regarding the liquids, and she will be able to be seen hiding behind Viole’s legs the complete date.

Within the an excellent flashback, it’s shown one to Jinsung first had reservations about training someone very seemingly average, however, rapidly became content with Viole’s capability to easily grab event

Prince: Whenever you are Viole is apparently generally indifferent so you can Prince, Prince once had a great amount of antagonism for Viole. This is partially away from envy away from Viole’s energy and over your effective arms out-of Yeon Yihwa from inside the shinsu competition than just rooming with her after. Once they designed People Tangsooyook, Prince turned into much more smooth and you will generally seems to take on Viole due to the fact a teammate. He’s as well as prepared to let Viole immediately following studying their reason for hiking the fresh tower although it manage lay him into the a dangerous problem.

Inside Workshop Race once their bullet is over, Prince located Viole about stands and you may been shouting which he carry out bring Viole back again to their class in the event he had to beat your to get it done since someone else dragged him with the log off

When Baam(Viole) got to know one to Prince (and you will Arkraptor) was ingested of the Light, so because of this are deceased, the guy becomes also annoyed in order to disregard that which you doing him, and just trying to destroy Light whether or not the guy ends up taking killed themselves, claiming it’s better than to lose a lot more of their friends, signifying Prince is actually an essential individual and friend to help you him too.

FUG: The company relies on his condition just like the an unequal to them to kill Zahard. To ensure that your to join their ranks, it forced him from the threatening brand new lifestyle of his family unit members. Just like the a good Slayer applicant, the fresh new participants see him as a goodness and also as a great way to solve its issues. Many value their opinion, although some select him only since the a hack, ready to not in favor of their want to protect their friends, carrying out intends to destroy them even though they are the most reasons why he agreed to signup them, having not one of the Parents thinking or being willing to let him specifically. Their prominence one of FUG enhanced even further after their winnings over the test Ranker Bowl, as much people in FUG strongly shown FUG will be assist in the fight plus the fresh Elders was basically obligated to acknowledge and you may begin to support your.

Ha Jinsung: He’s a member of FUG which is Viole’s individual martial arts teacher. The guy believes most extremely of Viole and you will areas their views. He is extremely happy with Viole to the point where he brags on the Viole’s ability and wizard. He looks comedically protective out of Viole, asking Viole’s teammates whenever they selected towards him or made him do people housework (observing Viole’s chapped hand). The guy lays so you’re able to FUG in order to manage the latest family unit members Viole produced, claiming that they produced a great hostages; even in the event Karaka’s reaction to so it statement means he was lying. He had built up a standing of getting a highly merciless combatant, nevertheless when the guy utilized a depletion approach toward Baam to simply help your know it less during the one of its very first training sessions he told you it made him end up being cruel. The guy after accepted to Yu Han Sung that he hadn’t thought by doing this inside a long time hence his sensory faculties you to definitely had been dulled by the outrage appeared to go back to existence one to time.