When liquid predominates, issuing from the unmarried hole, it disseminates serenity, love, generosity, perseverance, quietness, and other allied virtues

When liquid predominates, issuing from the unmarried hole, it disseminates serenity, love, generosity, perseverance, quietness, and other allied virtues

One of the Karen and you will Burmese the fresh abdomen is stored getting the newest chair of the welfare and ailment, differing emotions and you may actual requirements being related to the current presence of wind (“k’ li”), fire (“me”), or drinking water (“paw leh”). This new parents assert you to fifteen hundred cavities regarding the gut include wind, 12 contain flames, and one include liquids. escort service Escondido Whenever flame is within the ascendancy, one is incited in order to jealousy, malice, hatred, and you may payback. Different qualities was intermingled when you look at the your profile in proportion so you can the newest mingling of the several points.[26-9]

The new pee of one sex is often prescribed once the a good liniment for people of your own opposite sex

A few of the charms worn by both Karen therefore the Burmese developed to eliminate cinch from putting on new ascendancy from inside the the fresh instinct. Certainly such as for instance appeal is actually chain away from dehydrated fruits out-of particular vegetation, strings from gold coins that have been blown on, and gnarled cords which were placed on the new user from the elders or prophets.

One thing is still around told you regarding”k’ thi thras” or “medicine-instructors,” exactly who material medications from some sources and you may vegetation that it behavior a sort of scientific lore, and their occult rites. There is no doubt however, that they comprehend the therapeutic action regarding certain flowers. They will mention a particular forest towards review one to the leaves are good for temperature or other criticism. On my requst for some prescriptions an effective Karen doc provided me with one hundred ones. Dr. Go features collected over forty profiles away from medical formulae of numerous classes, included in this many of genuine really worth. Dr. Mason mentions title from a tiny coming plant (Hydrocotyle asiatica) and that, in the event the applied since an effective poultice over time, often stop, whether it cannot beat, leprosy.[26-10] Exactly how many of these Karen prescriptions is out of Burmese, Shan, or Talign origin I can’t state. I have been told from time to time the Karen whom however stay-in their primitive conditions, depend completely to the miracle and you may offerings to treat ailment. My observance guides us to accept that the employment of drug develops, as individuals already been about on the experience of most other races.

This new Karen believe that scents keeps a marked effect on the brand new looks, for both a and for ill. There is hardly anything one to a beneficial Karen otherwise, in reality, a good Burman worries much when he do the smell off preparing pounds (“ta neu xo”). They think that the odor for some reason enters one’s body, especially if there can be an abrasion of your skin, and causes all sorts of problems, actually abrupt demise. To eliminate coming in contact with which smell, they usuall do any frying which are often expected out-of-gates, and you will keep its serves up its noses to keep off of the hate threat. To own restorative intentions smell-salts is common one of each other Karens and you may Burmans, once they arrive bazaar. Many medications include asafoetida and other smelly-smell snacks, that are said to keeps an immediate impact on the latest paitent. Bitter and you may acrid-tasting medications are also within the great like.

The latest incidence out of wind over another elements provides pride, ambition, greed, worst wishes, and you will hilarity

Except that such remedies the newest Karen “medicine-teachers” resort to disgusting concbur, the hair on your head and you may pussy off certain pet, tigers’ and you may leopards’s whiskers, certain areas of peoples corpses, the human body tresses away from people, dung of all groups, the fresh scrapings on charred ends regarding bamboos included in piercing corpses toward funeral pyre, an such like. Here’s a medicine taken from this new Karen Thesaurus, where it is referred to as “a grand febrifuge”: “Take the umbilical cord clipped regarding an alternative-born boy, new undigested kernels regarding the dung regarding your dog, white and you will red onions, ginge and you will black colored pepper during the equivalent quantities; merge carefully making into pills the dimensions of the conclusion of your own little finger; dosage, one by one to be taken in the heated water.”[26-11]